Cancer Patient Testimonial

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How are you? It's hot and summer like weather today in NY. Drink a lot of water touched by DiODiA to hydrate and soak your body cells in higher vibration­čśŐ

Today, I want to share a cancer patient testimonial from Japan. I have briefly mentioned it before but I have more details for you.

I hope this helps, please forward to someone who need to hear this.


" The other day, I heard that I could send energy remotely by DIODIA. I started sending the energy to a friend in California from Japan, because his bone cancer cells were found. And every day, I put DiODiA card on the picture of him in iPad several times. And sent my thoughts while imaged the cells being reborn. Less than a month later, when the re-examination was carried out. No cancer cells were found.

The result came late because it was examined many times. The doctor thought it seems mysterious too. My friend thanked my remote energy. However, there is such a thing. It is a phenomenon that can only be called a miracle.  This card may be much more amazing than I thought. It's like a magic wand. " Follow up from same customer 

" When my friend asked┬áto the doctor,┬á" Was it a lie that the first cancer was found in the bone?ÔÇŁ┬á┬áThe doctor said he had certainly found┬áit.┬áAnd he showed him an MRI and CT. There was a problem with the bone.┬á┬á

Then, the cell was to be taken from the bone marrow and to be examined in detail. The test results were no problem, of course, cancer cells were not found.

He examined MRI and CT again, but he couldn't find the shadow he had before. And a doctor, he said he couldn't explain it. It is said that the pain of the back which was so painful is disappearing again from there. It seems that there is almost no pain now. 

The way I did it was to buy a DIODIA card, put out an image of a friend on an iPad, put the card on it, and put the image of a friend's cell reborn for a few minutes. I did this several times a day. I took a photo of this card to him and sent it to him, and explained it. I'm sending energy with this card. So you're going to ride this with your aspirations. There were times when I spent nearly an hour with a card on top of a friend's picture. That's all I've been doing.  

It is not a visible phenomenon, so I cannot conclude, but I realize that this card may actually be more amazing than we think. By all means, if it is encouraging to those who are in trouble, please pass it on. " By Mr. Yamamoto


" Imagining the cells been reborn" this is powerful. Adding your intension will maximize DiODiA's potential.


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Talk with you soon.

Love and gratitude ­čîł

Takako Fujisawa