DiODiA⭐️ Anti-Aging Tips 🙌

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Happy Spring 😊 I hope everyone is feeling good!

I have an Anti-Aging tip for you today!

I received this testimonial/ tip from my customer Miss Jondon. Thank you so much for your inspiration 🙏💕

And this photo is my mother, 75 years old, she is doing Miss Jondon's method. And seeing the improvement of deep wrinkles on her face.

At first, let's start with Miss Jondon's testimonial!

🌿🌿🌿 " DiODiA is amazing! I’m a grandmother of 2, parent of 2. Use to smoke and drink terribly and I did quit it all.., however the side effects and aging came along with it all and worse. But I’ve been reading all your reviews and started to get more cards as you know. And started to try things out! What a result! I use to do Botox and filling for 1-2yrs and when pandemic started many clinics was shut down, so I was on a research spree for better products!

And I came across your card, and from the time I got my 10 cards I’ve use in ON MY FACE AND BODY! Takako dear, I lost my crow lines and my skin from forehead all the way down to my neck... NO SIGN OF AGING!! 

My mental health is better, my toxic heartburn gone! My mental health is phenomenal, I don’t stress I feel that my life has been rejuvenated!

What I do is ; after my face routine..while my creamer is still moist on my face, I will put the card on my forehead and under chin and stay still for 10-20min. Absolutely tight skin!  And after shower in the evening before bed, I shower and lotion up with CeraVe lotion and put a comfortable yoga bra on and put the card under it on the middle of my back and go to sleep .

It’s amazing!  I have been feeling better and totally younger by the week! It’s almost like it’s adjusting the wrong and aging in my body while I’m sleeping 🛌 

There is one thing I’ve realized that if you want to use DiODiA on your body, you must drink a lot of water and do make it ionized water with high PH. Because our body content 70% water, so for it to work right..you must give your body lots of water 24/7. Or the best quality of lotions or face cream. " 🌿🌿🌿


Thank you so much, Miss Jondon! Yes, I agree drinking a lot of water is very important in any situation!!

Here is an additional tip from my mother. After I told her about Miss Jondon's tip, she experimented different creams high-end to drag store. And she got good result with NIVEA! Put a lot of cream😳 like on the picture on the left side of her face and wait until the cream soaks into your skin(clear), on the right side of her face. Then put DiODiA card on her skin for 15~20 minutes.

My mother's main aging concern is deep line on her face. Always trying new things but nothing was really working.

This morning, she came out from bathroom and "Look! my skin is getting better! Amazing!" So I took this picture to share😄

She said that she didn't see any difference in couple of day, but now started to see the improvement. Everyone is different, take your time and experiment with it. (Buy the way she always hangs DiODiA from her neck like on the picture 24/7!)

Please go to my website. There are more great testimonials from my customers(Thank you💕) It might give you some idea to use DiODiA. And I'll keep updating testimonials when I receive it.

Please remember, there is no limitation how to use DiODiA. If you have a idea try it, you never know until you try.

DiODiA is the energy and your idea/thought together might create something magical✨

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Takako Fujisawa