Drinking enough water?⭐️

Hello Everyone!

Today, I want to tell a tip to effectively use DiODiA for your health .

"Most of the human body is water, with an average of roughly 60%." I think many of us heard this but did you know:

Brain 80-85% Kidneys 80-85% Heart 75–80% Lungs 75–80% Muscles 70–75% Skin 70–75% Blood 50% Bones 20–25%

WOW😳 isn't it? We are fluid beings.

Are you maintain water balance in your body cells? Especially this time of season? Liquid such as coffee, tea, soda, alcohol doesn't count as water!

Are you drinking enough water every day?

Can you imagine less water in every part of your body/organs, clogged and shrinking? Drinking enough water can prevent from illness. It is very simple, but it's effective.

OK, now how do you use DiODiA more effectively? Yes, you guessed it, it's WATER.

I used to have sever lower back pain for a couple of years and it healed with DiODiA.

A month ago, I felt dull/pain in my lower back again, so I put DiODiA card. It eased the pain but it wasn't effective as usual.

And I realized.... I had a bit of stress and I was drinking 2~3 cups of coffee, more than usual (usually 1 cup), and drinking much less water for a couple of days.


So I drank a lot of water touched by DiODiA, high vibrational water( I place a glass on DiODiA for a while, like a coaster), and put DiODiA card on my lower back.

Double dose of DiODiA😄 From inside and outside of your body. And the lower back pain was gone.

It seems DiODiA works effectively with well-watered body. My customer told me the same. Maybe water in our body transfers vibration easily from lower vibration to higher vibration.

Same as your pets and plants.

Visualize when you drink water, it rejuvenating every part of your organs and body cells. (If you have an issue/concern, focus on the part especially.)

It's fun to think your brain is rejuvenating by high vibrational water every time when you drink water.

New and clean water into your body and old water out of your body. Keep Good Circulation.

Thank you so much for reading😊