For your meditation⭐️

Hello Everyone,

I'm always experimenting with my life. How can I improve and live better mentally and physically?

Why? I still experience feeling down , it's normal, that's life. And I try to look for FEELING GOOD every day.

I want to share my experiences/tips to help you to feel better.

Of course, I am experimenting with DiODiA as well. How about you?

I go for a walk/run at the park. I sit on a bench and hold 2 DiODiA card on my hands like the photo above.

Close my eyes feel sun hitting whole body and my face. Great feeling. Please remember to put your palm up when you meditate. It is because you are receiving mode.

If you don't meditate, that's OK! just close your eyes and rest your brain for a whole with your DiODiA in your hand.

Then this is new discovery! I held DiODiA cards on both hands and start running back home. The vibration shifts when you move your body, with DiODiO card in your hand even better.

I use to put DiODiA card in my pocket, but like this way now.

And I heard that it's a good time to do affirmation when you exercise.

I keep my affirmation in general so I don't have any resistance. (If you have any resistance you will attract the opposite of what you want! So be careful!)

My affirmation for running was " I'm pure joy." I kept saying these words until I went back home.

I felt so amazing and refreshed😄

Please try these tips with your DiODiA! And tell me what you think.

Thank you for reading!