Stopped Coughing⭐️

Hello Everyone!


I woke up with a sore throat and started coughing. Maybe I slept my mouth open😓

(It is not good to cough in the public, especially in the current situation....yes...)

I was coughing in my bed. I had DiODiA card on my bed so I put DiODiA card on my throat like the picture (pardon my sleepy face!) for about a minute.

While I was putting the card, "DiODiA thank you" popped in my head. So I kept repeating this sentence in my head. Gratitude mindset, it's already healed.

And my cough stopped and my sore throat was gone in 5 minutes 😳

I have been using DiODiA card for almost 3 years and it still amazes me! I use it everyday and sometimes I forget that how a miracle this product is!!

Please use DiODiA card for anything. Experiment with it!


A customer Testimonial left on our Instagram!

" I was skeptical, I have anxiety and depression too. But, I keep it on me, as soon as I get out of the shower and sleep with it too. It really works. I forgot to wear it one day and I could tell the difference. Thank you for bringing this to the masses." By Niqari

Thank you so much, Niqari for your testimonial. I used to have anxiety and DiODiA helped me too. I hope I can spread the word and heal many people with DiODiA.


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Thank you for reading!

Stay well.

Love and gratitude 🌈

Takako Fujisawa