DiODiA⭐️ Vaccine

Hello Everyone,


I would like to share this information with you.


A customer in Japan asked the creator of DiODIA.

" If the vaccine is forced, touch the vaccine when I'm getting the shot Or if touching the DIODIA card on my arm immediately after being shot the vaccine, will it be detoxified without side effects?"

The creator did O-ring (Muscle) test and the answer was "YES". And other person who is well-acquainted with vibration and alternative medicine tried dowsing and the answer was "YES" too.

But please keep in mind, this is just the o ring test. They can't scientifically prove it. In my opinion, if you already have a DiODiA, why not using it for vaccine as well.

Here is a suggestion :

Carry DiODiA with you or put it in your pocket when you are getting vaccinated. As soon as you got the vaccine, touch your arm where you got the vaccine with DiODiA for awhile. ( I think 15 minutes or more )



These are Vaccine testimonials I would like to share.

" I used to put DiODiA card in a drawstring bag and put it in the bag. But At the second vaccination, I applied the card to the inoculated arm for 15 minutes. At the first time getting vaccinated, I had so much pain that I couldn't lift my arm on the second day. The second time, thanks to the "DiODiA card"There was no pain in my arm." by Cusotmer in Japan

" I loaned DioDia to my sister. She took the Covid vaccine shot on Thursday and got very sick. She said she remembered DioDia and focused on feeling better and the next day she did! She credits DioDia in part for her swift recovery!!" By T. Marie, LA


If you or your family members or your friends are getting vaccines please remember to use DiODiA and share it !!