YOGA=Feeling Good⭐️

Hello Everyone!

It is already December of 2021! How was your year? It was another challenging year for many of us. But we have one more month, "All's well that ends well", so let's finish it with good health and a better mindset together.


My new discovery of using DiODiA

I try to do yoga and walk in the park every day for my physical and mental health. Recently, I was having an issue and it was occupied my mind all the time. I couldn't focus on what I had to do😨

When I have an issue or concern, I usually do less exercise and eat less healthy foods. A bad, low vibrational cycle starts..... Do you relate that?

I was doing online Yoga at home, try to break the bad cycle.

In the begging, I couldn't focus, still the issue was in my mind while I was doing Yoga. I placed DiODiA card on the Yoga mat like the picture above by impulse.

When I finished 15 minutes of the Yoga video, I realized I wan't thinking about the issue at all. Best of all, I felt sooo good, light, happy and joy. Yes, JOY. I noticed that it was a different good feeling from just doing yoga.

Moving your body itself will raise your vibration. But I discovered that if I combine with DiODiA, it seems to amplify good energy. I add this method to my "Feeling good list."



Speaking of amplify the DiODiA energy, when you stack up DiODiA cards, DiODiA stickers, the energy is amplified. Yes, you can combine Cards and stickers.

I heard that some customers in Japan stacks 10 DiODiA stickers up together. It must be powerful. And some customers put the DiODiA sticker on the actual DiODiA card. I never thought about it and it's clever idea!


I wish you safe and happy rest of the year😊


Thank you for reading!

Love and gratitude 🌈

Takako Fujisawa