DiODiA⭐️Distance Healing+Covid-19

Hello Everyone,

Wow, it's already mid-February 😳 How have you been?

Today, I want to share stories about "Distance/remote Healing" by using DiODiA. You can heal someone without touching an actual DiODiA card.

Is it possible? Yes, some of the customers discovered/experienced it and had good results.

A customer in Japan who had a friend with cancer in overseas. The customer put DiODiA card on top of the friend's photo and prayed to heal. And then his friend's cancer was gone and cured.

My customer in Europe have tried distance healing and told me it did work too.

This is how you do: Photo (take a photo) of the person and put DiODiA card on top. If you have an additional close up photo of where it needs to be healed is good. And pray and imagine/visualize the person who have already healed/cured.

If you have family members or friends away from you who needs healing, you may want to try and see.



Also, I received an email from my customer a couple weeks ago. I got permission to share her story with you. Thank you, Lisa!

" I actually bought the sticker for my brother who is in the hospital recovering from COVID. When you sent out the email about finding different ways to use DioDia, it made me think.  At that time my brother was on the vent for one month with a poor prognosis.  By the time I got the sticker, he had already been taken off the vent and trached (which is a good thing).  It’s only been a few days now since I put the sticker on, but he seems to be recovering nicely.  Anyway, instead of bringing him the sticker (which might get lost), I put it on a picture of him (right on his chest) and prayed over it. "

Her brother is recovering and started physical therapy!

I'm thinking her method might be better, because DiODiA energy is always on the photo/her brother 24/7 with DiODiA sticker.

You might be also thinking, does DiODiA work for Covid? The creator of DiODiA told me that even when one is infected with Covid, by using DiODiA it won't be serious condition and will heal. There is no scientific proof regarding DiODiA and Covid, but I thought someone might need to hear this message today.

I'm thinking all of you to be healthy, well, improving, recovering and getting better everyday!

Thank you for reading and talk with you soon 🌈


Takako Fujisawa