DiODiA⭐️Ernest healed his shoulder pain

Hello Everyone,

Happy Independence Day, America!

And happy YOUR independence wherever you are in this world!

Today, I want to share Ernest's testimonial video with you.

When I met him last year, he could raise ONLY 1/3 of his left arm. I didn't know he had this pain for 5 years until I shot his video😳

He was a construction worker, but he couldn't lift heavy stuff and move his left arm that there was no construction job offer for a year.

He started to use DiODiA last Christmas day. He taped DiODiA card on the left side of the upper chest ALL-DAY where he felt pain.

Then 3 months later, Ernest is pain-free, and he can fully raise his arm!

And he told me after shooting video, construction job offers started to come. I'm so happy for him😊 Double happiness.

Click button below to watch Ernest's video!

Stay well and healthy.

Talk with you soon🌈

Takako Fujisawa