DiODiA⭐️For Mental Stability

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Lately, I'm receiving emails, questions and comments through SNS about mental conditions. I understand how our life situation has changed and its weight on us. I experienced anxiety attacks last year and DiODiA dramatically eased my anxiety. And I don't have anxiety anymore.

Today, I want to share how I used DiODiA and some other tips (without DiODiA) that you can do to ease/stabilize your mental condition.

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1) With DiODiA

When I had anxiety attacks, I just couldn't do anything. I felt my brain was running so fast and my body was shaking. I sat down on my sofa or laying on my bed, just holding DiODiA card like this picture. Within 5 minutes, somehow I felt a sleep. When I wake up I'm at ease, no anxiety. Everyone is different, and some people don't fell a sleep, just feel ease. I think for me, DiODiA let my crazy brain shuts off and then anxiety stoped. If you feel fear, anxiety and depression, just hold DiODiA, it will ease your condition.


Before DiODiA, I was doing below (still do!) and helped my mental stability.

1) Go to park/ in Nature in the morning and getting Sun light

Nature has the energy to heal us. And Sunlight is super energy. Key to maximize these energy is to have your intension/awareness. Just feel, "I'm receiving energy to heal me." "I'm receiving energy to empower me."

2) Listing healing (Hz) sound or music

There are so many youtube videos for healing. These are my top 3




Find video that you resonate with and feel ease and lift you up!


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If you know someone who is mentally suffering now, please forward this email. I experienced this and I know how hard it was, I hope I can help somehow.

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Takako Fujisawa