DiODiA⭐️For Your Pets

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are safe and well wherever you are!

Today I want to share a story about my sister's 11 years old dog, Cabo🐶

I visited my sister in Texas for new year's holidays. I noticed Cabo's eyes were fogged, and he didn't like to drink water at all (not good). And Cabo didn't want to walk for long distances, not much energy and always constipated.

So I touched DiODiA with his dog food and water, also touch his body. On the second day, he started to drink water!! On third day, he began to walk long distances with so much energy! And he was pooing 3 times during one walk😄I noticed his foggy eyes were much more clear than before.

Animals and plants are more sensitive/react to energy than humans. I think they can obediently receive and notice the difference in vibrational higher energy conversion.

Yes, not only humans but also animals, your pets, can get infected with Covid 19. So please touch your pet, dog food and water to improve your pet's immune systems! Healthy you and your pets.


Testimonials from customers with their PETS!

⭐️Maybe it was cold yesterday, and My dog wasn't feeling well, he spits what he ate, and didn't wag his tail as usual. However, I put my card on his nose, and I said, "My dog is fine now. Thank you, I'm grateful." Then, it took less than five minutes, he jumped up and started to eat food. It's extraordinary.

⭐️I was taking a bath with my cat, something started to go wrong with my cat. He had hollow eyes and fell down. I thought may have he already passed. I had two diodia cards, so I touched to the cat's body and desperately called his names. Desperately saying, but for some reason also I was calm. The soul of a cat started to come back!

Miracle like this, how many times have I experienced it with DiODiA? LoL

⭐️My dog was sick and couldn't eat or go for a walk. Unfortunately, my veterinarian was closed. I touched my dog's dry nose. An hour later my dog suddenly got better and started eating food again and then running around the house!!



🌿We love to hear your story with DiODiA! Please write to me, I want to share to the world.

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Stay well and healthy!

Love and gratitude,

Takako Fujisawa