DiODiA⭐️Thank you everyone!

Hello Everyone,

Happy 7/11 to you! I hope you are having fun today. I was at the park this morning doing Yoga🌿

Today is a special day for me. I opened my online store "Portfolio11" a year ago😄

Thank you for all your support, and I'm so grateful to meet with you through DiODiA!

I always wanted to introduce Japanese craftsmanship products to the world. I wanted to be a bridge between Japan and the world.

But the product has to be very useful, convenient, good quality, good for humans, animals, plants and the earth. I was always thinking about it in my head like a mantra.

And then DiODiA came to me! (I didn't look for it) DiODiA saved my lower back pain and unfamiliar anxiety last year (I never had anxiety before). I can't imagine my life without DiODiA now!

I thought that DiODiA could heal and support many people worldwide, not only people in Japan. And especially mental support for the difficult times.

I knew the world would shift soon in the summer of 2019, but I didn't realize how quickly covid-19 would change our lives.

I planted a seed of DiODiO a year ago at Portfolio11, and it became a little tree. I'll keep watering the tree.

I feel like I'm just a messenger. Telling and sending you the energy of DiODiA. Natural and organic energy to improve your life.


To overcome the difficulties that we are facing is a healthy physical and mental condition. DiODiA can support and improve both.


Please tell about DiODiA to your friends and families who need energy support and a healthier lifestyle.

We are raising our vibration together.

Thank you for reading!

Talk with you soon🌈


Love and gratitude,

Takako Fujisawa