DiODiA⭐️Tips for Foods

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are well and healthy.

Eating healthy as much as possible is essential to condition your body and immunity!

I try to eat clean, but it's not always easy to do. Do you agree? There are food additive, pesticide, preservative, coloring in our foods. It's everywhere!

These are low vibrational (harmful) substances(energy).


"You are what you eat"

But DiODiA can convert these harmful energies into an energy that OK to consume to our body. (We think no other product can do, convert what is already there!)

Touch ingredients with DiODiA such as vegetables, meat, milk, eggs, etc. For a cooked meal, take out food, and cakes touch the plate. For snacks, touch the bag.

(*You can test the conversion with the Muscle test and O-ring test. There are many how-to videos on Youtube. Test and see the results of both before and after touching DiODiA)

At last, when you touch your pasta plate at the dinner table, your family's pasta are also converted to a higher vibrational pasta 😄

The same things at the same space will convert when you touch one of them. It's HADO, vibrational wave.


I hope this helps!

Stay well and healthy.

Takako Fujisawa