DiODiA⭐️Tips for New Year's Resolution

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying the holiday seasons😊


2020 is almost gone. I'm grateful meeting you all through DiODiA, thank you so much!


We are living in a society anything can lower our vibration anytime. That's OK, it's part of life. You may not notice but our vibration keeps changing by the seconds. DiODiA can raise the vibration, which got lower. Imagine thought of reset and go higher button


If you put DiODiA card in your bag or wallet all the time, I have a suggestion for you😄

Once a day, while you watch TV, Internet surfing or Meditation hold DiODiA card in your hand. It will raise your physical and mental vibration without noticing it.

Let's make it good habit!


🌿 🌿 🌿

2021 is around the corner! I'm sure you are making a new year's resolution. You might want to try with DiODiA. I asked the creator of DiODiA about the manifestation and here is the answer:


" Place the DiODiA card in the heart chakra. Imagine and feel your desire as if already came true (past sentence). And feel its joy. This is the method of fulfilling the desire described in Neale Donald Walsch's Conversations with God. "


My understanding of manifestation is sometimes it will come directly; sometimes the idea or suggestions come to you to lead to your desire. When the idea came to you, take action! You will open the gate to new YOU, new Life 😄


I believe that "Life" is all about keep opening the new gate and keep evolving, no matter how old you are! Your new gate is just around the corner 🌈



Takako Fujisawa