DiODiA⭐️Your brain is 60% WATER!

Hello Everyone

It's Takako here, how's your weekend?

Today, I took a free fitness class at the park for the first time, and it was great! I felt good😄 Do you exercise regularly?


Today, I want to talk about WATER.

I'm sure that you have heard "Your body is 70% WATER" before, but did you know "Your brain is 60% WATER" too?

It blew my mind. No wonder we have to drink a lot of water to keep OUR BODY and MIND in good condition.

WATER is extraordinary. It's a vital source and very mystical.


Dr. Masaru Emoto's research demonstrates that human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, idea and music affect the molecular structure of water.


Positive words and music form beautiful molecular structure of water. On the other hand, negative words and sounds form a destructive molecular structure.

Click here for Dr. Emoto's water crystal experiment video (6mins)

It is fascinating to see words, sounds and thoughts really change the molecular structure of water on this video.

Can you imagine how affective to the water in our human body too?

Let's be kind how you speak to yourself and others, because it will change the water molecular structure in our body and all living creatures.

When you don't feel good, I suggest to move your body and sweat it out the water in your body to release the negativity from your body and mind.

And then drink a lot of water! Good water. Fill your body and mind with high vibration water.


Another tip to elevate your water.

Hold a glass of water, and say positive words to the water such as "THANK YOU". The water gets softer and well absorb into your body.

Please try it for fun, and see what happens😊 You want to fill with beautiful water molecular structure inside of your body. I DO! 🙌


Thank you for reading!

Talk with you soon🌈

Love and gratitude,

Takako Fujisawa