DiODiA⭐️Your limitation?

Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year 😊

The year 2021 has began. Let's make it a great year together.

Please remember, your consciousness will create your reality/future!

Today, I'm excited to share a story that I experienced recently.

I had a neck problem, when I look up my neck was hurting badly.

2 years ago, I took X-ray and a doctor showed my Intervertebral discs are getting thinner due to aging. Less intervertebral discs, my neck bones are touching each other that causes pains.

I didn't do any treatment at the time, and my pain was getting worse, looking at my computer and mobile phone all the time 😅 I'm sure you can relate.

It's funny that I never though to use DiODiA for this neck pain. I think because I saw the X-ray picture and the word of "Due to aging process".

About 2 weeks ago, end of 2020, when I was in my bed and I had impulse to put DiODiA in between my neck and pillow. I tried it every night. Then, now I don't have pain anymore 😳 I can look up my ceiling without any pain!! WOW.


I had my mind limitation. We all have limitation in our mind.

YES, medical treatment, doctor consultation is necessary, but please don't limit yourself. You never know until you try.

I want you to try DiODiA with anything, without your limitation! Experiment with it, life is all about experimentation.


Have a happy day of 1.11 💕


Takako Fujisawa