DiODiA Sticker ⭐️ Protect from 5G

Hello Everyone,

It's Takako here! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend😊

Almost October, time passes so fast especially, this year. How's everything with you?

Today, I want to share the DiODiA sticker idea that I found, and I really enjoy and physically I felt better🙌

A couple of months back, I noticed less quality sleep, when I woke up and was already feeling tired. I was sleeping this power cable (above photo) which plugged in Wifi-router, computer, TV, Mobile phone, and home phone close to me. And I thought DiODiA sticker might help to ease electromagnetic waves.

Soon after I put the sticker on the power cable, it was strange but I felt my body's cells were rejuvenating, totally different feeling at the time😳 Now I sleep better 🌿

I realized we don't feel electromagnetic waves at all but it's effecting our body for sure.


The sticker will raise the vibration of electromagnetic waves from ALL electro appliances that are plugged in this power cable 24/7. You can use DiODiA sticker for the smartmeter or circuit breaker.


But why I started to notice to my body? (By the way, I'm sensitive to energy. The energy detector😆 ) Last week, I saw a few buildings in my neighborhood with 5G towers, which I never noticed before. No wonder.


Technology is great. So many amazing things that we can do with it. But we have to be smart to protect ourselves as well!

One thing you can do starting from tonight.

Turn off your WiFi while you sleep.

These small steps add up to your health!

Electromagnetic waves, especially 5G, drastically lower your immune system. A Lower immune system can't fight against any virus.

Let's keep our immune system high!

Yes, DiODiA can raise the vibration of your immune system too! Keep touching your body with DiODiA card everyday.


Thank you for reading.

Stay healthy and happy🌈

Takako Fujisawa