Eating Habit⭐️

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are safe and well from Covid, torrential rain and heatwave. Please carry DiODiA with you all the time to protect yourself.

Today, I would like to talk about DiODiA and eating habits.

Recently, I realized that my eating habit has changed for the better😳

The photo, it's Espresso from Starbucks which I LOVE for a long time. (I'm not a fan of Starbucks coffee, but this coffee reminded me of Japanese coffee in can. ) once a while I crave this.

One day I was drinking this espresso as usual, without touching with DiODiA. and I got sick after and I had to take stomach medicine. It never happed me before. Yes, I know it has a lot of not good stuff in it. The next time I touched it with DiODiA and I was fine and I didn't get sick.

My favorite snack is Potato Chips!! I used to eat every other day, sometimes 2 bags in a day😓 But I really don't crave it these days. And when I eat I don't feel good. Instead I crave fruits and water more. I think my vibration (relate to eating and drinking) has changed.

It started small. Using DiODiA to neutralize harmful substances in foods and drinks. But it became a much bigger picture.

Whatever I eat or drink lower vibrational stuff, it used to be OK, but it irritates me now!! It is because the vibration of the food or drink doesn't match who I am/my vibration now.

Without me knowing, DiODiA transformed my eating habit for the better/healthier. Of course It didn't happen overnight, but gradually happened without any patience not to eat these snacks.

I'm still a human. Once a while, I want to eat my chips and sweets😊 But when I do, I make sure to touch it with DiODiA to enjoy the taste!

I hope you do the same!


Thank you for reading.

Talk with you soon!

Love and gratitude 🌈

Takako Fujisawa