How to place DiODiA⭐️

Hello Everyone!

Today I would like to share a quick tip on how to stay put the DiODiA card to your body.

I recommended putting the card into a clear card case and taping the case on to the body. But, it gets sweaty inside and outside of the ID case during the summer with your sweat and body heat.

I suggest wrapping the DiODiA card with paper towel or tissue paper. Then tape it to your body with medical tape.


If you sweat, the paper towel absorb the sweat and keep your skin and DiODiA card dry and clean!

Please make sure to tape cross like the photo , so that the DiODiA card won't slip down from the paper towel.

If you want to place many cards and stickers all together in the same position, it will amplify energy. Please put cards and stickers in a clear ID case, then wrap the case with paper towel then tape OR stack all together and wrap with a paper towel, without the ID case.

I wouldn't recommend taping the DiODiA card directly, without a case or paper because of the stickiness of the tape over time.

I hope this helps!

By the way, please do not laminate the DiODiA card or stickers, because of the high heat processing might weaken the energy.