Manifestation Tips⭐️

Hello Everyone,

Today I want to share "Manifestation Tips with DiODiA."

As I told you last newsletter that, I moved to Hawaii from NY and I manifested my dream house using my intention with DiODiA!

This is how I did it:

I had a brife idea of the house that I wanted, but 2 and half months before the move, I wrote 12 specific details of the house on my manifestation note. I wrote as if it is already my house. I started the sentence "My house in Hawaii is,,,,, "

I booked Airbnb for only 2 weeks. I didn't want to stress out to finding the house for so long. So 3 days before the moving date, I wrote on my note: "I found the house in 7 days and I was so lucky that I found it exactly what I was looking for. So grateful, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Now I'm living the house perfectly matched these 12 details and more which I didn't write it down but I wished. And guess what, I signed the lease 7 days after arriving in Hawaii😳 By the way, it is not easy to find a house in Hawaii.)

I think having DiODiA card/energy with me all the time, made manifestation quicker and stronger.

This is how you do: Carry DiODiA with you all the time.

1. Make a notebook for only manifestation.

2. Use the pen/color which make you happy. (I use orange pen!!)

3. Write it down as you already have it (Past tense or Progressive)

4. Then write it down how you feel, it is already yours. For example, I'm so happy, Wow that's so amazing! I feel sooo wonderful! etc. (I started to write down the emotion by impulse, it seems so powerful. Now always write the emontion too)

5. After writing it, read it again. If it make you smile😊 Good!!

6. Let it go.

7. When you have an impulse/idea comes up, take action. When an opportunity comes, take action.

It might take a while to manifest, but be patient. Trust the process. Let the universe and DiODiA energy to guide you. It will lead to whatever you wish one step at time.

I hope this helps!

I always encourage to experiment using DiODiA! If you start noticing the difference/improvement, it will keep coming more!

Keep experiment DiODiA in your life.