Mental/Emotional Vibration

Hello Everyone,

I hope you in good health wherever you are in this world😊

I'm sending you a high vibrational photo that I took. Can you see sort of rainbow light vertically next to the tree🌈

Everything has a vibration. For example, this actual tree at the park has nature's higher vibration, but this photo also has its own vibration. Every movies, photo has its own vibrational frequencies. Which frequency are you resonate with?

Today I want to talk about different kinds of emotional vibration. Every emotion has a vibration. Here are some of emotional vibration frequency:

700-1000 Enlightenment

600 Peace

500 Love

350 Acceptance

250 Neutrality

150 Anger

100 Fear

30 Guilt

20 Shame

Our emotional vibration constantly changes every moment, every day.

For example, when you are driving a car at peaceful neutrality, suddenly another car cut you off with reckless driving. As a result, your vibration will drop from 250 Neutrality to 150 Anger or 100 Fear.

Another example, If someone has a feeling of shame (20), as you can see Anger (150) is a higher vibration.

It is OK to be angry at something or someone. Try to let it out the lower vibrational energy from you. Gradually Neutralize feeling. From shame to anger, then neutrality to acceptance.

It's important to pull yourself out from the situation and ask yourself where your feelings are.

When you are in the state of COMFORTABLE and RELAX, you are in higher vibration.

Are you comfortable now?

The DiODiA products shows 1000~1300 by the creator's O-ring test. When you feel lower vibration, just hold DiODiA card in your hand. Your lower vibration resonate with DiODiA's higher vibrational energy, then the DiODiA raises/pulls up your vibration higher.

 I hope this helps!

Thank you,

Takako Fujisawa