New Challenge with DiODiA⭐️

Hello Everyone!

Recently, I moved from New York to Hawaii. I lived almost 30 years in NY and it was a big change for me.

I visited Hawaii many times for my previous TV production job and thought I'd move to Hawaii one day.

And I decided just a year ago to move to Hawaii. I told my mother and we bought airplane tickets a week later.

I had a year to plan for this move. The biggest thing for me was a driving a car. I'm never drove a car in my life!! - living in NY we don't need a car and it is expensive to own a car. So I had to take driving lessons and got a drivers lisence in NY last December.

Arriving in Hawaii, this move was more challenging than I expected mentally. New state, finding a house, car and new driver in town. My anxiety took over my exitment. My anxiety was high as you can imagine.....

Once again, DiODiA card helped me to calm my anxiety down. I don't think I could have control my anxiety without DiODiA. Everyday I put 2 DiODiA cards in my bra. I just foucsed what I had to do to settle to new life.

And everything went so smoothly, It was a miracle every day. Finding my ideal home, car and good neighborhood.

If you have to overcome new challenge, place your DiODiA card with you all the time to help and support you!

Life goes on!