Tips and "No more Tums!"😚

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are well wherever you are😊

Today I want to share my DiODiA tips and customer testimonials with you!

1 ) Eyeglasses

I do wear eyeglasses everyday. And just for fun/experiment, I touched DiODiA with my glasses for about 5 seconds.  My eyeglasses vision got sharper😳I can see more clearly, especially for a long distance. I don't know how to describe it, but it seems the lens got denser!?



2 ) Wireless Earphones

I love wireless earphones! So convenient, it's hard to go back to the earphone with wire. But when I started to use it, I also started to have bad headaches. Yes, it might be the electromagnetic waves closer to your brain. Please try to place your cell on the table and walk away with your wireless earphone on and you will be amaze by how far you can hear. Almost scaring to know😨 I touched Airpod with DiODiA and my headache stopped. I touch it everyday, and also I try not to overuse Airpod daily life.



I would like to share a customer review on Instagram:

I’ve been testing my DiODiA card all morning on everything!! Water, wall, bed, and yes pizza !!. I’m amazed!!! Let me start off with my cranberry drink:The taste was smoother and tasted slightly like water. Now what really convinced me was my pepperoni pizza.I tapped my magical card on the pizza box. I proceeded to eat, the taste didn’t change much. But what I did noticed, was how I almost ate the whole pizza box🤔 Normally I can only eat 3 slices. By the second slice, I feel like I want to throw up 🤢 and my belly gets overly gassy. My daily life is taking Tums. All day everyday! 😞 At the moment I don’t feel full at all, I feel great! I haven’t felt this way in years. What a lot of people don’t know about me is that I don’t enjoy eating, because my tummy easily gets bloated. Not today, not after using my DiODiA card.

Thank you so much Yes, it's good to touch the food before you eat, but If you forget to touch it and don't feel good, then touch DiODiA card on your stomach or tummy for a while, it will ease you. Please enjoy your meal with DiODiA!



Thank you for reading!

Talk with you soon😊

Love and gratitude,

Takako Fujisawa