Q & A


Q: What makes this card that allows it to raise the vibration? 
A: It’s not the material of the card that allows raising the vibration. The creator of DiODiA transmits the higher vibrational energy onto a card. It is natural and organic energy.


Q: How does it work?
A: DiODiA card has higher vibrational energy on the card. When you touch an object with DiODiA, include us, human beings, it/the object resonates with DiODiA's energy. Then the thing you are touching transforms into a higher vibration.


Q: How long does it last?
A: It’s difficult to capture DiODiA’s energy within the confines of 3-dimensional time, so it’s difficult to identify precisely how long each card will last. For reference, many cards created 5 years ago are still able to convert energy. 


Q: Do I have to recharge it?
A: No, you don't have to recharge it. And you can use DiODiA as much you want. Unlimited usage per day!


Q: Is there anything I should be aware of using DiODiA?
A: Yes, do not touch DiODiA to a high-temperature object. You might weaken/lose the energy. For example: direct contact with boiling water, super hot coffee and tea etc. If the object feel too hot for your skin when you touch it, wait until cooling it down a little.

And we don’t recommend to laminate DiODiA, because of the high heat process when you laminate.