How to use DiODiA

Food & Drinks

Touch a cup, a glass, and a plate with DiODiA. The meal and drink will be transformed into higher vibration. Also touch any ingredients, vegetables, meat, fish, egg, milk, spices and etc. before you cook. It will neutralize food additives and pesticides and brings to the highest potential level.

Touch cooked meals or ingredients whichever you would like or both.

Electronic devices

For your computer, mobile phone, camera, Wi-Fi router, wireless earphone, etc., electromagnetic waves (low vibration) keep running in our environment 24/7. It’s better to touch these devices with DiODiA every day.

Us, humans

For mental condition: Hold DiODiA in your hand for a while, it will ease anxiety, depression and other mental conditions. For physical condition: Place DiODiA where you feel physical pains for a while, a day, a week (it depends on the condition). It will ease the pain and improve your physical condition. Direct contact with you and DiODiA is the key. If you are physically and mentally healthy, DiODiA can elevate your vibrational level.

Anti-Aging tips: After you wash your face and body put a cream. While it’s still moist, put DiODiA on your face or body for 15~20 minutes or longer. Drink a lot of water well hydrated inside of your body as well. Our body is 70% of water and DiODiA could transforms into higher vibration from inside as well as outside.


Touch DiODiA on the wall, furniture (table, chair, sofa, bed etc.), floor, inside of a closet. It will transform into a good energy space. Feels better in the space.


DiODiA can transform into a higher vibration of same material things when you touch.

A car is made up of various parts, to make whole car into higher vibration you have to touch every parts with a card. For example, touch engine, wheels, etc.

* Do not touch DiODiA to a high-temperature object.

For example: direct contact with boiling water. And we don’t recommend to laminate DiODiA, because of the high heat process when you laminate.