Q & A

Answered by the creator of DiODiA


Q: What goes into this card that allows it to raise the vibration? 
It’s not the material of the card that allows raising the vibration. I, the creator of DiODiA transmit the energy to a card.


Q: Do you have to touch on the front of the card?
A: Vibration conversion is performed by touching either the front 
or the back side of the card.

Q: Is it effective to use while inside the plastic cover it comes in?
A: Yes, it’s OK.


Q: Does each denomination of money ($100, $20, $10, $5, $1 and coins) need to be converted separately?
A: Yes, each currency type needs to be converted separately.

Q: Will additives and pestistides be removed from my food by using DiODiA?
A: No, additives and pesticides will not be removed by DiODiA. It is not scientifically proven that harmful things are now harmless to the body after using DiODiA, but the food will be converted to its optimum vibraional potency as shown by the positive results of the Bi-Digital O-Ring test.

Q: My friend has low self-esteem. Can she be changed using this card?
A: DiODiA has been measured with a vibrational wave-measuring  instrument. In this instrument there are approximately 102 different kinds of spirit and emotion codes including: self-negation, fear of others, guilt, self-aversion nervousness, willingness, shyness, lack of trust, negative impulses, mistrust, suspicion, anger, resentment, hate, sadness, jealousy, anxiety, being shaken, loneliness, hardships, and independence. Since we have not tested every code we cannot affirm for sure, but it seems that negative traits can be converted to high vibrational waves by using this card. By using DiODiA a person could likely assume a more positive outlook.


*** Individual result may vary. ***