🌿 " I’ve been testing my DiODiA card all morning on everything!! Water, wall, bed, and yes pizza !!. I’m amazed!!! Let me start off with my cranberry drink:The taste was smoother and tasted slightly like water. Now what really convinced me was my pepperoni pizza.I tapped my magical card on the pizza box. I proceeded to eat, the taste didn’t change much. But what I did noticed, was how I almost ate the whole pizza box🤔 Normally I can only eat 3 slices. By the second slice, I feel like I want to throw up 🤢 and my belly gets overly gassy. My daily life is taking Tums. All day everyday! 😞 At the moment I don’t feel full at all, I feel great! I haven’t felt this way in years. What a lot of people don’t know about me is that I don’t enjoy eating, because my tummy easily gets bloated. Not today, not after using my DiODiA card." By skyisthelimit.vip 
🌿 " I have already been carrying the cards around in my pocket and keeping it near my bed at night. I have already witnessed the benefits of the cards and so glad someone has brought this possibility to the greater population. I am very grateful for your product." By Bill, IA 
🌿 " DiODiA is amazing! I’m a grandmother of 2, parent of 2. Use to smoke and drink terribly and I did quit it all.., however the side effects and aging came along with it all and worse. But I’ve been reading all your reviews and started to get more cards as you know. And started to try things out!What an result! I use to do Botox and filling for 1-2yrs and when pandemic started many clinics was shut down, so I was on a research spree for better products! And I came across your card, and from the time I got my 10 cards I’ve use in ON MY FACE AND BODY!Takako dear, I lost my crow lines and my skin from forehead all the way down to my neck... NO SIGN OF AGING!! My mental health is better, my toxic heartburn gone! My mental health is phenomenal, I don’t stress I feel that my life has been rejuvenated!What I do is; after my face routine..while my creamer is still moist on my face, I will put the card on my forehead and under chin and stay still for 10-20min. Absolutely tight skin! And after shower in the evening before bed, I shower and lotion up with CeraVe lotion and put a comfortable yoga bra on and put the card under it on the middle of my back and go to sleep . It’s amazing! I have been feeling better and totally younger by the week! There is one thing I’ve realized that if you want to use DiODiA on your body, you must drink a lot of water and do make it ionized water with high PH. Because our body content 70% water, so for it to work right..you must give your body lots of water 24/7. Or the best quality of lotions or face cream."
And I’ve also a new update from a friend that I gave 2 of my DiODiA card to. She was very insecure, dissatisfied and stressful about aging skin. But she tried her own method; she likes masking before bedtime. So she got high end masks like, gold masks and low ends as well. After she puts on the mask on her face, she will put one card on her forehead and another under her neck for 20 minutes every evening for 2 weeks now. The result is  amazing!!! Her skin looks healthier and tight!! All the benefits from different types of ingredients in the masks works better than before!! Now I’m going to o the same, it seems so good and calming. As well as it’s a great idea to be still and meditate as well!" By MissJondon, NV 
🌿 " I am a true and loyal fan of Diodia! I have purchased the stickers and the cards. This is what I have noticed. I am a healer so I sense things right away, making me so excited about instantly diodia even from the fiat picture I saw. Since then  Water is more soft, I believe The structure of the water shifts in more of a sacred/natural geometry. It also helped Relieve headaches or any body pain. I broke my heal & Put this card in my boot. It helped me to have no pain & and nicely healed bone! One time my boyfriend was grumpy and I just put it on his pocket. He then seemed to process his feelings, solve his problem & cheer up! Win win over here. Much love & healing blessings to all! 💕💕💕" By Jessica, PA
🌿 " I have two and would like to share my expereinces. I use it on my body for pain management. I use it for depression, for anxiety and feel that my energy is more focused and is higher vibration which is positive and honestly, feel it surrounds me with positive vibrations. In a negative world, this is extremely powerful. I feel happier and more in control of my life and have more love to give to others." By Angela, Hawaii
🌿 " I actually bought the sticker for my brother who is in the hospital recovering from COVID. At that time my brother was on the vent for one month with a poor prognosis.  I was hoping to get the sticker sooner. By the time I got the sticker, he had already been taken off the vent and trached(which is a good thing).  It’s only been a few days now since I put the sticker on, but he seems to be recovering nicely.  Anyway, instead of bringing him the sticker (which might get lost), I put it on a picture of him (right on his chest) and prayed over it." By Lisa, USA
🌿 " I love my DiODiA card! I make hand painted jewelry and my sales went through the roof when I touched my pieces with my card." By CJ, PA
🌿 " I felt the energy going up my arms as soon as I held it.  My daughter put it on her fractures finger and the next day she was able to bend it." By Lisa, NY
🌿 " I really like the DioDia card, it have changed my life vibration, I sleep with it on my body every night now and I am not depressed anymore!" By S.J. USA
🌿 " I love this card so much! In addition to using it on food and drinks, I use it all over my body 2x/day. It feels like I’m giving myself an energetic massage!" By Susan, USA 
🌿 " My DioDia-card has become a go to tool, it has a wide specter of use and it is well worth the price and need no batteries. I have gifted it to my mother, 84 yrs and a 81 year old other lady and both of them enjoy having it, easy to use! It impacts the frq of whatever I use it on, food, water, pain etc and instills harmony. Thank you very much to the one creating it from Japan !" By LM, Norway
🌿 " Tiki is a Pap-A-Peek rescue dog (Papilion and Pekinese) who has shared our lives for the past 10 years.  We also share our home with a Senegal Parrot (a small species of parrot), named Buzz, who is celebrating her 24th hatch date. For a small bird, she goes through a tremendous amount of seed. While Buzz tosses seeds, broken peanut and walnut shells, amongst a variety of other items, including fruits and vegetables, Tiki waits by her cage to catch them before hitting the ground. Once in a while, Tiki consumes too many empty peanut shells before we can collect them.  She loves crunching on empty peanut shells. Consequently, Tiki is left with a tummy ache.  Her stomach growls, not from hunger, but trying to digest Buzz’s food.  Tiki will usually curl up in a ball and lay in one of her many beds for a day.  You can tell that she is not feeling well.  I try to only use medication if she if off for more than a day.  Last week, Tiki did not greet me when I awoke, which is a tell tale sign that something isn’t right.  I could feel and hear her digestive system going into over drive.  I layed down next to her and placed the DiODiA card against her stomach and held it there for about two minutes, while also trying to send some of my own energy. In 20 minutes she was back to her normal behavior.  This is an impressive test and result because we have experienced these symptoms for years.  I’m confident this is not a one hit wonder.
And I’ve even experienced a pleasant sleep, by placing the card beneath my pillow.   I had a sore throat for a few hours and after touching my neck a few times with the card, the soreness was gone within a couple of hours." By Lewis
🌿 " Yesterday I received my blessed DiODiA I've had it less than 24hours but the power of its vibrational frequency it already making waves in my personal matrix. Thank you for this gift and transmission." By Alison, Canada
🌿 " The 10th year of cirrhosis, I have pain and spleen around my liver every day. I don't know if the pain causes by removing the gallbladder or not. If I take too much protein or become constipated, I feel dull and painful. But when I touch DiODiA card where I feel pain, within a few minutes, the pain disappears as nothing happened. I'm saved by DiODiA every day. Thank you!" 
🌿 " DiODiA calms my anxiety down." 
🌿 " My dog was sick and couldn't eat or go for a walk. Unfortunately, my veterinarian was closed. I touched my dog's dry nose. An hour later my dog suddenly got better and started eating food again and then running around the house!!"
🌿 " I travel a lot for my business and stay at hotels. I sometimes feel bad energy and unpleasant when I entered a hotel room. After I touched furniture and walls with DiODiA, I felt the room transformed much better energy and comfortable. I use DiODiA every time I stay at a hotel, ever since."
🌿 " When I put DiODiA in my bedroom at night, I felt a good quality of sleep. On the second day, I woke up an hour earlier than usual.” 
🌿 " DiODiA card, I was very surprised that the taste of cigarette changed with a little touch. Reiki takes a little longer, but in a moment, I think this is real (LOL) I'm touching various places. Yesterday, I felt like a symptom of strained back, so I put DiODiA on my lower back for a few minutes, the pain went away and I thought it was really wonderful. Thank you."
🌿 " There is a wound like a dent on the hand for over 10 years. I have been wrapping DiODiA with a hemp cloth on the dent and putting it lightly. A dent is gradually returning to normal. It seems the skin is regenerating."
🌿 " I have a friend who has a mental disorder. One day he was suffering and I asked him to hold it. After holding it for a few minutes, my friend--who had been in such a state of ongoing pain--felt better. He said, "It's strange, but my pain is gone." 
🌿 " I touched the chest of the man who had a bad cough, and then it stopped."
🌿 " My wife said that her stomach was upsetting for about a week. She lost her appetite, and she hadn't been eating for a while. I gently touched DiODiA on the back of her neck with my gratitude. That evening, she started to eat again! And she said, "Food is so delicious" as if nothing has happened.
🌿 " I was taking a bath with my cat, something started to go wrong with my cat. He had hollow eyes and fell down. I thought he may already have passed. I had 2 DiODiA cards. So I touched the cat's body and desperately called his name. Desperately saying, but for some reason I was so calm. Then the soul of the cat started to come back. Miracles like this, how many times have I experienced with DiODiA? lol
🌿 " Touching various things. Maybe it's just me but, it feel everything tastes delicious."
🌿 " I have purchased two DiODiA cards. The vibrations are extremely high, and when I wear them at all times, my mind becomes calm, and I feel that my mind and body are energizing."
🌿 " My house plants became harder and lively within 15 minutes."
🌿 " My regular coffee tastes like premium coffee after touching DiODiA! It took the bitterness out and had a smoother taste."
🌿 " When I hold it in my hand, I feel my head and nose breathing have improved. And the middle of my chest and around my stomach getting warmer. And I feel hope in my lonely and helpless feelings." 
🌿 " I put DiODiA card in the cover of my smartphone. When I'm anxious or want to calm down, I  can touch it immediately. It feels ease and it is very calm."
🌿 " I touched the card to the bathroom faucet after brushing my teeth and the rinse water got mellow and softer. Great stuff."
🌿 " For a while, I couldn’t open my bag’s zipper no matter what. Surprisingly, my bag opened right after I touched it with DiODiA."
🌿 " My fridge was making noises for a week. Just for fun, I tested out if this card would work on it. That same night I noticed there were no sounds coming from the fridge. A couple of days later, a noise came back, so I touched it again. And sure enough, the noise stopped!! "


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