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DiODiA is a multi-purpose Energy card

DiODiA transforms anything from low vibration to higher vibration frequency. You can convert food, home, pets, and your entire life into high vibration frequency energy that is positive and harmless for all life on earth. For a better and healthy lifestyle.

"I really like the DiODiA card. It has changed my life vibration, I sleep with it on my body every night now, and I am not depressed anymore!" S.J. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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How to use  

Food & Drinks

Touch a cup, a glass, and a plate with DiODiA. Whatever you put in the same glass or plate will convert to a higher vibration automatically. 

Touch any ingredients, vegetables, meat, fish, egg, milk, spices, etc., before you cook.

Electronic Devices 

For your computer, mobile phone, camera, wifi router, wireless earphone, etc., electromagnetic waves keep running in our environment, so it’s better to touch DiODiA every day.


Hold DiODiA in your hand for a while; it will ease anxiety and depression.

Place DiODiA where you feel pain for a while, a day, a week (it depends on the condition). It will support and improve your physical condition.

Everything is Vibrational Energy in this world, so you can use DiODiA card for anything.


Product Details

  • Dimensions:  85mm x 54mm (3.4 inch x 2.1 inch)
  • Material: PVC ( Plastic )
  • Made in Japan


Q & A

Q: What makes this card that allows it to raise the vibration? 
A: It’s not the material of the card that allows raising the vibration. The creator of DiODiA transmits the higher vibrational energy onto a card. It is natural and organic energy.

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DiODiA is not a medical device, which is for raising the vibration of any object, including human beings.