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"I wrapped the DiODiA sticker around the main pipe of the water supply. I tested with the O-ring test and it shows that it is effective, and it feels like the water has become soft. I'm always doing dishwashing, so I know that texture of the water is different. The sticker is small but powerful." ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

The same energy and the same effects as a DiODiA card in sticker form. This DiODiA STICKER transforms an object into a higher vibration when you stick it on.

It's convenient when you stick it on, It's always higher vibrational energy. You don't have to touch every time with DiODiA card. 

You can protect from harmful electromagnetic waves from your mobile phone, computer etc. And you can stick on water tap for higher vibrational water every day!



42mm x 32mm (1.6 inch x 1.2 inch)


Water-resistant polyester film

Imported: JAPAN 

You can use it for:

  • Mobile phone
  • Computer
  • WiFi Router
  • Microwave
  • Electrical appliance
  • Electronics Distribution boards
  • Water tap etc.


*The sticker is printed on water-resistant film, but not durable for outdoor purpose.




Q. I attached DiODiA sticker on Electronics Distribution boards (Breaker) to improve the electricity in the house. Do I still have to put the sticker on to my computer to protect from electromagnetic waves?

A. The appliances connected from the outlet are the electricity converted into a higher vibration from the same distribution board. So it is OK, you don't have to use a sticker for your computer in this case.

Q. Can I use the sticker like a DiODiA card? Cut the cardboard into card size and then stick DiODiA sticker onto a card. Is it effective if I touch it?

A. It is possible to use it as a card. For your reference, the DiODiA card can convert into a higher vibration either the front or back of the card, . But if you put the sticker on the cardboard, the front side can be converted, not on the backside of the cardboard.